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Become a Professional  Esthetician


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 -Facial Lipo-therapy

 -Corporal Lipo-therapy

 -Facial and Corporal Ultrasound

 -Chemical peels

-Derma planning                    

-Body Contouring 

-Fibroblast plasma-pen  

-High Frequency


-Micro currents


-Intimate Whitening

-R/F Facial y corporal


-Vacuum Therapy

-Advanced facials


-Mastery chemical peels (including whitening intimate)

-Professional advice for your business-$360 (1 hour)

-Advanced guidance in photo facials and IPL-$500 (1 hour)

-Spa policies and spa business presentations

-Advice in Laser Hair Removal -$360 (1 hour)

Our workshops do not impose ideology of any kind. We only discuss techniques to take advantage of them in the labor field in order for participants to increase their profits and sell more effective services.


We achieve methods that allow people to access extensive and efficient knowledge, thus developing professional techniques.